What Happens When Debts Get Discharged In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

29 May 2020
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Using Chapter 7 to alleviate your debt issues can help you obtain an improved financial situation. Through this branch of bankruptcy, you can receive a discharge of all your qualifying debts. When the court orders the discharge, you are no longer legally responsible for paying the debts. If you are wondering how this works in a Chapter 7 case, keep reading. Here are several things to understand about the discharge offered through Chapter 7. Read More …

What Assets Do You Get To Keep In A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

12 May 2020
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This is one question just about everyone wants to know the answer to. What assets can you keep in a bankruptcy, as well as what assets do you have to turn in or sell off during a bankruptcy? The answer isn't exactly clear, because every single person that files has a different financial situation. Someone else may have a lot of assets, whereas you may only have a house and a car. Read More …

3 Tax-Related Situations That Can Be Handled by an Attorney

23 April 2020
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Almost every working American is required to file income taxes with the IRS. Although most people don't experience any issues as a result of the paperwork they file, there is always the possibility that a tax-related issue can arise. It can be beneficial to partner with an attorney who has experience dealing with tax laws to resolve your tax problems as quickly and effectively as possible. 1. Audits Most taxpayers fear being audited by the IRS. Read More …

3 Questions When Filing For Bankruptcy

7 April 2020
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Have you decided to go down the path of using bankruptcy to get yourself out of debt? You likely have some questions about the process that you need answers to. Will You Be Able To Keep Your Home And Vehicle? One of your biggest concerns with using bankruptcy will be if you are able to keep your home. If you are a homeowner, then you'll want to use Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read More …

How Does Bankruptcy Keep Creditors At Bay?

31 March 2020
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One of the biggest questions people often bring to a bankruptcy lawyer is, "How will this keep creditors at bay?" Folks may be facing repossession of vehicles, foreclosure of homes, and other kinds of collection efforts. Here's how you might be able to address those concerns: A Stay From the Court Once your submitted petition is in the hands of a judge, a temporary stay will be issued. This is a court order that commands all of your creditors to halt collection actions pending the outcome of the case. Read More …

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